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We are sorry, there are no properties available at this time.

Quality Properties Available For Lease 

For the privacy of our tenants, we list available houses for lease when they are not occupied. Call us for more information about pending vacancies at

 225-388-5593. When properties become available we will post interior and exterior pictures of the home and list the property address for easy viewing. You can schedule an appointment to view the property with one of our professionals or if your in the area; you can just stop by. 

If you are not in a financial position to purchase a home right now, but you want to get into a property where you can plant your roots for your family and lock in the purchase price for a home, then our lease option properties may be a great choice for you.

The way a Lease option agreement works is you purchase an option to purchase a home for a certain amount within a certain time period. Then you have the ability to purchase that home within the specified time period for the agreed upon amount.

The great thing about purchasing a house this way is that the house usually appreciates over time and you can purchase the house for a price often below market value.

We are currently remodeling 4 homes that we will be lease optioning. Here are the locations and details. Monthly lease payments, option fees, and house prices have not been set for these properties yet, but If you are interested in finding out more about these properties please call us at 225-778-8888. Opt 2


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