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Our Story - How It All Started.

 I met my beautiful wife Shyvonne in 1989 in Long Island New York. We have been happily married now for 26 years and have six wonderful children, four boys and two girls. Dominique, Brandon, Stephon, Joshua, Tranquility and Anastasia. All since have grown up,  moved out and are doing very well for themselves. My wife and I are so proud of each of them as any proud parents would be. For many years my wife and I lived in apartments. This wasn’t always easy with all our small children. Some of the apartments were cheap, a few of them were expensive, some were upstairs, some downstairs, some were nice, some not so nice, some move in ready and some we should have never moved in. I wondered why there weren’t more houses available for lease anywhere I would search. I asked myself, “Why so many apartments?” Houses usually were bigger, more private, had nice yards and were spacious. These apartments were small spaces, not enough square footage or rooms, very crowded and felt like we were living on top of each other. There would be noise complaints from neighbors, of course there were rowdy neighbors too, contractor grade appliances and paper-thin walls. You could hear everybody’s conversation in your apartment and the apartment that was connected to yours, whether upstairs or downstairs. Sometimes, insect and rodent infestations were widespread moving from apartment to apartment. The apartment complex performed poor maintenance and grounds keeping, no insect or rodent control and the management staff wasn’t always very pleasant,  helpful or responsive to our concerns. If you ever have lived in an apartment before, regrettably, maybe some of this will sound familiar to you. I must say this wasn't representative of every apartment I have lived in, but only a few fully met our families needs. Apartments, apartments and more apartments as far as the eye could see. Many investors, developers and real estate management companies were very successful and capitalized using this business model for many years and developed apartment complexes, in towns, cities and neighborhoods all across the United States. They would cram as many people as they possibly could into a small area and would call it a luxury apartment condominium or a multi-unit complex. This concept didn’t provide many families the privacy they wanted or deserved, but because of the lack of other housing opportunities the apartment complex market was booming and this strategy  is still big business and is working today. We are working on changing that by providing Affordable, Newly Renovated, Quality Houses available for lease in the best communities that you already know, love and trust. Home Resources of Louisiana recognizes an emerging market and set out to address the shortage problem of quality homes available for lease in the Baton Rouge area. At Home Resources of Louisiana, we believe that you, the discriminating shopper should have a large selection of quality houses to choose from and not just settling for the apartment option. 

Fast forward; 2010 to now and many properties later ...……………. What started out as an idea and dream for us, quickly became a fantastic business model that helped make dreams a reality for many beautiful families in Baton Rouge that were looking for an alternative to apartment living. Yes, you too can live in the house of your dreams; just give us a call and we’ll do the rest. You can trust that the experts at Home Resources of Louisiana will work hard to make your dreams come true. I hope you’ve decided to stay with us for a while, make one of our family friendly homes your today.

Kind Regards,

Gary Fieldings


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